Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Medical Billing Specialist Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Medical Billing Specialist - Personal Statement Example Certain life experiences also have inspired and motivated me towards this aspiration and goal. Significant among which is the event of my father falling seriously ill. Seeing him suffer and groan in pain and the kindness and timely action and intelligent decisions of the doctors, nurses and other health care professionals who battled for life made me realize the importance of professionals in the medical field. I decided that I will spend the rest of my life in the health care field serving the sick people and taking cognisance of my qualifications I knew where I was heading. It was towards a career of Medical Billing and Coding. Having the requisite patience and ability to focus on details and having the needed problem solving skills paramount in professionals in the medical field I realised that it was a Medical Billing and Coding professional that I was going to be. These factors have prompted me to evolve this decision and I am thereby requesting you to please appoint me as a med ical billing specialist in your reputed company. Dear Miriam I see you as the ideal Medical Billing and Coding Specialist. I have learnt that you are applying for a sales position. But I have a better alternative for you. I seriously think you should apply for the position of Medical Billing and Coding Specialist. You are wrong in thinking that you are not suited for the job. Actually you have all the requisite skills. Let me first tell you the job specifics. 2 When the patient has a disease the coder gives the diagnosis a number i.e. alphanumeric codes to specific illnesses, injuries, and medical procedures, under a system of coding that is used across the health care system, from doctor's offices and hospitals to insurance companies, federal agencies and international organizations. The codes are used by hospitals and doctors for internal data collection and planning, 3"while insurance companies and public agencies require the codes to reimburse health care providers. The codes are even used by international health organizations to track patterns of disease and the costs of health care." Coming to think of it you are also well remunerated and what's more you have all the requisite personality traits and skills. What is essential to this profession are computer skills and you work with computers all day using different programs. You also keep yourself updated regularly and learn new programs which is just the ideal position you are in. What is more you even have the personality for the job. Being detail oriented, making independent decisions on your own and refraining from a lot of interaction with people is the kind of personality that is required for this position and you are a perfect package. Hence I really think you should apply for this post as it really suits you and would give you a lot of job satisfaction and you will never regret your choice. Name: 028004 End Notes: 1All Allied Health Schools. "Your Guide to Allied Health Education." "A

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