Saturday, February 1, 2020

Proposal assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Proposal assignment - Essay Example The current learning support services offer two kinds of tutoring the drop in/ walk in tutoring and the group tutoring services. These two types of tutoring services have been very beneficial to students. However, there is need to establish peer guided group tutorial program. In this type of tutorial the instructor is a student that has gone through the same class and excelled. More than 600 college campuses around the world have registered success when using this type of tutoring around the world. Peer tutoring benefits both the tutor and the person receiving the tutoring. The student tutor will understand the subject or concept better, increasing confidence on the subject and the desire to learn other subjects. It also develops leadership skills. Peer guided tutoring helps the students being tutored be more at ease helping them concentrate more and understand better than when with a professional tutor (Falchikov and Blythman.21). Content related tutoring is another type of tutoring that can be integrated into the tutoring program. This type of tutoring involves a one on one discussion instead of group discussion. Unlike the walk in / drop in type of tutoring that is available in the university, I suggest a more elaborate program where the student makes an appointed with an assigned tutor and give the tutor the concept, topic or subject that he needs further instructions on. This ensures that the tutor prepares on the topic in advance has researched on it to ensure that the student is completely satisfied at the end of the session. Assignments are important part of course work. They help the lecturers asses if the student understood the important concepts taught in class. The aim of homework help sessions is not to do the homework for the student but to discuss the concept that the homework addresses. These help sessions are particularly helpful for mathematical

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